Father Athanasios Simonopetritis (from Simonos Petra Monastery, Holy Mount Athos, Greece) says:

“Last year came to our monastery a very high-ranking European. We chatted with cordiality. Eventually I asked him :

– Welcome What to do to us ordinary monks you, a famous man, moment in which we are not anything great…

He replied disarmingly :

– Father, you may not ye something great, as you say. However, claims in a great space and you have a great treasure, Orthodoxy !

I deliberately insisted on the same pace, saying :

– What can a so prominent man wait by the Orthodoxy?

In the debate was four or five fathers. He looked into our eyes one by one and said:

– Listen fathers and I will tell you something confession: Today both ways of expression of Christianity in intractable, we have been tired. Both Catholicism with legalistic spirit, however much Protestantism with the hard logic of us crushed . We want heart and freedom! These elements, you have to Orthodoxy. Perhaps you do not understand. We are, on the outside, understand very well”.



Fr. John Kostof

Anti-heretical Supplies

Publications: St. John Damascene

Stamata, Greece 2013

(GREEK BOOK: Translated from greek by me. Sorry for any spelling mistakes)






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