Hi my dear friend!

I wish my comment finds you fine and happy!!

My name is Abel-Anastasios Gkiouzelis and I’m from Athens, Greece!

I was born in Protestantism in the Worker Sect (“No Name Church / 2×2′s / Friends & Workers”) and after I was atheist and I liked the life of hippies and after much pray and soul searching on 2001 (20 years old) I found the Truth in the Orthodox Church and I baptized Christian Orthodox!

If you want you can read here in my english site https://ex2x2lettersfromgreece.wordpress.com/my-convertion-from-protestantism-worker-sect-to-christian-orthodox-church/ my story, my convertion from Protestantism & atheism to Christian Orthodox Church. How I left from the Worker Sect and how I desided to be baptized in the Christian Orthodox Church! It was very difficult for me because I was born in the Worker Sect and I really hated the Christian Orthodox Church…

There was a need Jesus Christ did a small miracle so as to believe in the Christian Orthodox Church. I said to Jesus Chirst «If You exist really and if You tell in Holy Bible “If someone knocks Me I will open him” give me an answer where is the Truth. It is in the “Workers” or in the Christian Orthodox Church? And if You give me an answer I will not deny You!». And really He open me the door and now I am to His Home, in the Christian Orthodox Church!

Here is all my sites: http://gkiouzelis.wordpress.com.

Nice to meet you dear friend Chris and all friends of this site!

Sorry my english isn’t very good! :)

Bye to all!!


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