In the book, “Traveling the walls of the city”, Nun Porphyria mentions a wondrous appearance and a great miracle of Saint Porphyrios (+1991), which shows that life continues after death, and teaches us that we should never loose hope, for God is All-Good and All-Powerful:

It was 2PM, and I was in the Square “Agion Anargyron” of Athens.

I was stopped at a light facing Athens. A man approached me…”Can you take me to Menidi?”

“No,” I replied, “I can’t.” I couldn’t because at 3PM I had to take the taxi towards Pireus.

The man stood in front of me, and was waiting for another taxi to pass by. Something within me said that I should help him. I made a sign for him to come over. As soon as he entered the taxi, he exclaimed: “It’s impossible!” And he took the photograph of Elder Porphyrios [that I had in the taxi] in his hands, and kissed it. At that instant, the light changed, and I turned to head towards Menidi. I wanted to take back the photograph, but when I saw how much he looked at it with longing, I regretted my thought.

“Do you know him?” He asked me.
“No, but from his books I got to know him and love him very much.”
“Do you want, my lady, to hear how I got to know him?”
“Of course” I replied with joy.
“I heard that my wife was gravely sick, with cancer. The doctors gave her three months to live. During that time, my oldest son was finishing high school. And he told us that he had arranged to go with ten of his fellow students to Mount Athos for a week. We said it was alright; the children left.

“In the meantime, my wife took a turn for the worse. The doctor that was following her told us that the end was near. We asked him in anguish: ‘Doctor, what can we do to give her a little more life?’ He replied: ‘We can do a surgery, and may God help!’ he replied. I agreed, and my wife consented, because she wanted to remain until our son returned.

“My son returned so happy, so joyous, like we had never seen him before. He told us how beautiful it was there, and how warmly the monks received them, and how much peace he sensed within his soul. He said that he sensed the presence of God so much that he had forgot that his mother was sick. She was reminded, when Elder Porphyrios appeared before him. He told us some wondrous things about Elder Porphyrios, which appeared unbelievable to us.”

“Excuse me,” I interjected, “When did this occur?”
“This occured in 1996.

“All the children were sitting below a tree, and speaking and laughing, when straightaway a monk approached them. They stood up and kissed his hand, and the Elder began to say each child’s name. As you could image, the children were surprised that he knew their names and families. To my son he said: ‘Tell your mother to not have surgery, she’s all better!’

“‘You know her?’ he asked.
“‘I know her, I know all of you!’
“‘Who are you?’ they asked.
“‘I am Elder Porphyrios’ he said, and he left.

“During their return from the Holy Mountain they stopped in Ouranoupolis at a drug store to buy aspirin, for they were seasick and nauseous. Entering the pharmacy, they saw a photograph of Elder Porphyrios and said: “There is the Elder Porphyrios we saw on the Holy Mountain!” As soon as the pharmacist saw this, he was confused.

“‘I’m sorry, children, you saw this Elder on Mount Athos? Are you sure?’
“‘Of course we’re sure,’ they replied, ‘we all talked with him. And of course we were surprised that he knew our names and our families. When we asked him who he was, he replied that he was Elder Porphyrios.’
“‘Children, I’m sure that you saw him, but…Don’t be alarmed when I tell you…The Elder has been dead for five years!’
“The children were shocked! ‘Impossible!’ they said, we just were speaking to him!’

“And my wife and I believed that they saw someone else, who looked like him and called himself Porphyrios. Because all monks resemble each other.

“‘You don’t believe me, eh? In any case, he said that you should not get the surgery, because you are well,’ the child said to his mother. Two days later, we went to the hospital. The next morning, the surgery would have taken place. The time came, and though I was waiting with anguish outside the operating room, right away, I saw my wife come out. I ran near her and asked: ‘What happened?’
“‘I’m not getting an operation, I am well!’

“The doctor came out from behind her. ‘What happened, Doctor?’
“‘I don’t know, she doesn’t want to get the operation!’
“‘I told you,” she said, ‘I am better!’
“‘Honey, are you crazy?’ I took her in my arms and tried to convince her that she needed the surgery. She replied: ‘I told you that I feel better. Do the tests and you will see that I am better, I feel it!’

“‘Great!’ said the doctor, ‘Let’s not force her, if she is feeling well.’
“‘You don’t believe? Great! Do your tests to confirm this.’

“In reality, the tests were run. The next day the results came back, and the doctor took on a grave appearance.”‘What did the tests show?’ we asked him. It was as if the sickness had never touched her! The doctors looked at the old tests and the new ones, and were going crazy! It’s impossible, and they said they would have to order new ones the next day, they said in surprise.

“When my son came, and saw the doctors ordering more tests, he told me: ‘Why don’t you believe that which Elder Porphyrios said on Mount Athos?’
“Then, the doctor said: ‘What did you say? Did you mention Elder Porphyrios?’
“‘He said that my mom is well and should not get the surgery!’

“The doctor pulled out a photograph of Elder Porphyrios from his pocket. ‘You saw him, my boy, on Mount Athos?’

“‘Yes, him!’

“‘The tests are correct! Your wife is well, and now you can leave for sure! Go get ready!’

“The doctors had given my wife three months to live. Two years have passed since then, and she is much better than she was before her sickness. Because of this, I love Elder Porphyrios very much. We have been to the Monastery many times. And whenever we have difficulties, he strengthens us.”

This man’s story of another miracle of our Elder, gave me great joy. The only thing that I whispered as the man departed was: “Thank you.”








Orthodox Church in America




All Saints of North America




All the Saints of North America







Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia

Press Release about the Schismatics in Taiwan

After publishing the notice of excommunication imposed by the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia upon two schismatics who live in Taiwan, numerous messages were received from various people, who in a good-willing spirit wished to find out the facts of the matter.

Of course we are well aware of all the scurrilous comments that were published on various websites and social networking sites.

We cannot reply to abuse, since it is from people who not only do not know anything about what happened, but who also do not have an ecclesiastical ethos.

Here below are the actual facts, for anyone who wishes to know the truth.

It should be stated from the outset that this is not about a personal dispute; the aim of the Orthodox Metropolitanate is to safeguard the Orthodox faith, protect the Ecclesiastical order, and maintain the unity of the Church Body.

The two schismatics were for many years members of the Orthodox community in Taiwan, and benefited in many ways from the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong. The first person, who is a Canadian citizen, was helped in both spiritual and material ways, so that he could complete his studies in Taiwan. The Orthodox Metropolitanate helped him to pursue postgraduate studies in Greece. Unfortunately, without giving any explanation, he did not go to Greece in order to continue his studies, but he disappeared even from Taiwan. Many years later he appeared in Taiwan again, but now wearing the Orthodox cassock. The Orthodox Metropolitanate, as in accordance with the canons, asked him for his canonical permit from his Bishop. The fact that he did not want for a long time to produce this document, which he should have obtained from his Bishop, made a bad impression. As does the fact that to this day he has not revealed the name of the Bishop who ordained him. After much time and urging, he sent a letter to the Metropolitan of Hong Kong, signed by Bishop Iov of Kashira, Vicar of the Moscow Diocese, Administrator of the Patriarchal Parishes in Canada, which clearly states that he grants permission to the new clergyman to continue his studies for one year in Taiwan (until 1 July 2013) and that he commends him to the spiritual jurisdiction of the Metropolitan of Hong Kong.

On the basis of this letter, the Metropolitan of Hong Kong gave him his blessing so that this clergyman from Canada could concelebrate with Fr Jonah, who is the vicar of the Orthodox Community in Taiwan.

Unfortunately, afterwards this Canadian cleric behaved strangely and badly, and wanted to form his own “parish”. He began to divide the congregation into “Greeks” and “Russians”. He began to spread the virus of ethno-phyletism. He cut off communication with the Metropolitan of Hong Kong, and while he has been at least twice in Hong Kong he avoided paying a visit to the canonical Metropolitan.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate knows who is protecting him, as well as all the bad things that he and his collaborators are doing in order to gather followers. We do not want to make any disclosures yet, so as not to scandalise the faithful.

What has been said about so-called different “ecclesiastical jurisdictions” and “mission” is completely untrue. In Taiwan there are no “parallel Orthodox jurisdictions”, and the cleric from Canada did not come to Taiwan as a missionary but in order to study.

If he himself and his supporters believe otherwise, they should explain why they have said so many lies to the Metropolitan of Hong Kong.

The second schismatic is a U.S. citizen. He was catechized in the Orthodox faith and was baptized by Fr Jonah, vicar of the Orthodox Community in Taiwan. The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong secured scholarships for him so that he could study Orthodox theology at Holy Cross College in Boston. He then returned to Taiwan, but he was disappointed that the Metropolitan of Hong Kong did not want to use him for missionary work, for he did not consider him mature enough or ready for something so serious. At this point he decided to cut himself off from the Orthodox Church and to turn against his benefactors. Both cases are typical cases, which show how the passions of vanity and the love of money can do so much harm.

Finally, to those who speak of the presence of the Church of Russia in South East Asia and its supposed canonical rights, the Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia states once again its unwavering and clear position that the presence of the Church of Russia in South East Asia is uncanonical and that any decision of the Synod of the Church of Russia concerning the Far East is considered invalid. At some future point, the Orthodox Metropolitanate will comment on the so-called historical arguments presented by the Church of Russia to support its uncanonical actions. As such, it will present the whole truth, and reveal all those things that the Church of Russia is trying to conceal with such mastery.

The Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia, faithful to its mission and the tradition that it received from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, will continue its missionary work, safeguarding the Orthodox faith and order, and praying for the repentance and return of those who, through their uncanonical actions, tear apart the robe of unity of the Body of Christ.

Hong Kong, July 5, 2013



2013年7月份新聞稿:Kiril(愛西里爾)神父及其跟隨者被逐出教會之緣由 – PRESS RELEASE ABOUT THE SCHISMATICS IN TAIWAN










我們之所以不還擊,是因為背後的發言人,既不清楚事情經過,也不具備教會精神(ecclesiastical ethos)。




香港都主教教區依據這封信,允許這名來自加拿大的神職人員,讓他跟台灣正教會社群的代表人李亮神父(Fr. Jonah)共同舉行聖禮儀。





另一位分裂教會者是美國公民,接受過正教會的信仰慕道課,為他施洗的,是台灣東正教社群的代表人李亮神父(Fr. Jonah)。香港都主教教區提供他獎學金,讓他在波士頓的聖十字學院(Holy Cross College)研習正教會神學。後來他回到台灣,由於他覺得自己不夠成熟、不堪如此重任,因此香港都主教教區無意讓他承擔宣教工作,他卻對此感到失望,同時決意跟正教會斷絕往來,背棄當初的捐助者。這兩件案例,分明就是貪圖名利,為害不悛。