LINK: 2×2 CHURCH – All about Worker Sect – “2×2 Church” – “No Name Church” – “The Truth”


Photo: Kathleen Lewis

The Author of book “The Church Without a Name”


“2×2 Church” – “The Church Without a Name”

The small Protestant Sect of “Workers”, which also called “Church Without Name”, “Two by Two Church”, “2×2 Church”, “Friends & Workers”, “The Truth”, “Christians”, “The Non-Denominational Church”, “Christian Convention Church”, “The Christian Church”, “No-Name Church”, “The Faith Missioners”, “Nameless House Church”, “The Damnation Army”, “Dippers”, “Go Preachers”, “The Jesus-Way”, “The New Testament Church”, “Pilgrims”, “The Reidites”, “Tramp Preachers”, “The Testimony”, “The Way”, and with at least 20 still concrete names, who was founded in Ireland on 1897 by William Irvine, Edward Cooney and Jack Carroll, for this reason also the are known and as “Cooneyites”, “Irvinites” or “Carrollites”.

Abel-Tasos (Abel-Anastasios) Gkiouzelis



My exit story from Worker Sect

Abel-Tasos (Abel-Anastasios) Gkiouzelis, Greece


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