He who does not love his brother dwells in death – Saint Patrick of Ireland (+461)



He who does not love his brother dwells in death

Saint Patrick of Ireland (+461)

Saint Patrick of Ireland:

“It would take too long to discuss or argue every single case, or to sift through the whole of the Law for precise witness against such greed. Sufficient to say, greed is a deadly deed. You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods. You shall not murder. A homicide may not stand beside Christ. Even “He who hates his brother is to be labeled murderer.” Or, “He who does not love his brother dwells in death.” therefore how much more guilty is he, who has stained his own hands in the blood of the sons of God, those very children whom only just now he has won for himself in this distant land by means of our feeble encouragement”.

—Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus (c.450?)


Are you Christian? Forget about doing Yoga! – The Church would like people to replace Yoga with Prayer



Are you Christian? Forget about doing Yoga!

The Church would like people to replace Yoga with Prayer

The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church reacted to the UN’s decision to designate June 21 as International Day of Yoga in 2014. The Holy Synod’s statement says that the practice of yoga has “no place in the lives of Christians” since it is a fundamental aspect of Hinduism and as such is not considered a “form of exercise” but of worship!

Though praised for its calming effect and wellness, Christians are urged to seek the same comfort in God – not hindu practises. After all, the postures of yoga were created as adulation to 330 million Hindu gods. The postures are viewed in the Hindu faith as offerings to gods that in Christianity are considered to be idols.

Furthermore, a third of yoga is concerned with emptying the mind – a contradiction to what Christianity teaches. In the Christian faith, there is free choice and transformation through renewal. Furthermore, astral travel that yoga guides people into is a practise that the church continues to frown upon.

“For this reason, yoga is totally incompatible with our Christian Orthodox faith and it has no place in the life of Christians,” the statement said, even though it added that the the Church respects religious freedom.





Waartoe zijn wij op aarde? ╰⊰¸¸.•¨* Dutch



Waartoe zijn wij op aarde?

Wij zijn op aarde om God te kennen, Hem lief te hebben, Hem te dienen en eens voor eeuwig bij Hem te leven.

Wij zijn op aarde om God te kennen en lief te hebben, naar zijn wil het goede te doen, en ooit in de hemel te komen.

Mens zijn wil zeggen: bij God vandaan komen en naar God toe gaan. Onze oorsprong gaat verder terug dan onze ouders. Wij komen bij God vandaan, in wie alle geluk in de hemel en op aarde bestaat, en wij worden thuis verwacht in zijn eeuwige en grenzeloze heerlijkheid. Daartussenin leven wij op deze aarde. Soms ervaren wij de nabijheid van onze Schepper, maar vaak ervaren we ook helemaal niets. Opdat we de weg naar huis zouden vinden heeft God ons zijn Zoon gezonden, die ons bevrijd heeft van de zonde, ons verlost van alle kwaad en ons feilloos naar het ware leven leidt. Hij is ‘de Weg, de Waarheid en het Leven’. (Joh. 14:6).

Orthodox Christianity: Norway


Orthodox Christianity: Norway